easy Houzz update!

Houzz continues to work for the followers of its site and I love their new feature! You can now draw on the photos you pin to your ideabooks! How easy is that for designer/client communication? Check out this blog entry from them to see how easy it is, and try using it yourself. 

My page has been up for quite some time now, but if you haven't visited in a while, here it is. Susan's Houzz Page

And check out my first mood board with this feature! So easy! 

Happy Houzz Decorating and do share your boards and ideabooks in the comments section below.

the curb backsplash

For years, we've been seeing the kitchen counter going straight to the wall with a lovely backsplash above it in most updated kitchens. That little curb bit that looked like it was a little odd, even cheap, was a no no!

And then one day we start to see it again. All over the place! But of course slightly different. This time that curb bit is asking for full attention, often standing on its own with just paint above it.

So I ask, do you love this look or hate it? Do you think this will become 'oh so 2017' and start to look old in no time? Or does it feel like a new classic?

Of course time will tell, so for today, have a look through all these amazing examples of this new trend that is sure to make its way into someone's new home you know. And it's not just reserved to modern kitchens either it seems!