a few of my favourite things at IKEA

Ikea seems to have a place in almost every home I visit. Whether it is leftover from college days, new purchases for the practical little items Ikea has, or all out Ikea decor, perhaps with a few 'Ikea Hacks'* involved. But then there are some that are anti Ikea, and that's OK too of course. Me? I'm an Ikea junkie! I actually have little furniture in my home that is Ikea, but I'm often at the store checking out new items, considering how that new chair, area rug or toss cushion might fit into my own home... or more importantly, for my clients' homes.

Today I was driving by Ikea from a morning appointment so I went in for my $1 coffee and a stroll around the store to see what's new. And there are lots of things! Here are a few I noticed and wanted to share with you.


*Ikea Hacks - Taking an Ikea item and adding something different to make it look less like an Ikea piece. The simplest one - switching up the knobs.

mural walls - would you have one in your home?

Mural walls were big in the 80s, depicting scenes of Paris and the like. We loved them at the time, but now, well, they've but all been painted over for the most part. And that's because, like any design trend, it comes, it's hot, then it fades. And statement trends like murals can fade quickly.

So would you consider a mural now again?  It's hot and oh so different then it's predecessor! See below for some examples, and for a quote on something really spectacular, check out Deziner Wallz.