the wall street journal

I have a cousin in New Jersey who is quite extraordinary… he saves up the Design & Decorating section of The Wall Street Journal every week, and then sends them all to me in bunches at a time. The last snail mail of these newspaper clippings came with pages from over six months worth of inspiration! I can’t say that I will read every last one of them, but I do know I will go through them all at some point. So I thought I would share.

Here are some of my favourites, in no particular order, that I learned about from this iconic newspaper. And yes, hard copy newspaper clippings, and snail mail are still things I am learning from. Go figure!

before and after - a tiny bathroom update

From black and white…. to black and white.

the armoire - is it still a thing?

I remember years ago how the armoire was the piece of furniture to have. Not just my memories of the 80s with the knotty pine rendition of the day, but from the early part of the 20th century… and from even well well before then too! Has it gone away? Do people now prefer hidden built-ins, walk-in closets with all the bells and whistles, and simple dressers over these once very sought after pieces?

Check out these photos of some really exquisite armoires and tell me, would you want one in your home again perhaps?

finding interesting accessories for your home

Accessories - these are the things that define your space by giving it your personal character and allowing you to really display the things you love. For some minimalists, it may consist of one treasured or sentimental piece. For others, it's finding the best way to display many of their favourite things. Whatever your style is, accessories can make or break a whole room.

Here are some really lovely examples of how others have put their personal touch to their spaces with accessories.

breaking the rules with colour

With colour on a major comeback in the interior design world, why not embrace it with something a little unique this time! Check out these spaces that add depth and interest, all with just a little bit of paint.