decorating for your pets

For most people that have dogs, cats and  birds, their pets are their family, so why not make them as comfortable, and stylish, as the rest of us in our homes! Here are some great ideas for you to steal for your own little furry or feathered friends.

decorating with cat stuff... but not really

I would never think of decorating with cat stuff as I find that tacky. But I am a cat lover and sometimes, if it's done tastefully, it is OK. I hope! If you can't tell it's for cats, then I think it's OK. Like here:


Or if you just have a cat in the room, does that count?

Or for a laugh, sometimes one small piece can fit in quite nicely:

But I would like to clarify that it still depends solely on you and how you feel about cat paraphernalia. I think it can have its place in your home... if you really want it to. Who couldn't love one of these awesome modern cat beds?