one room living - studio living

The price of condos in Toronto has sky-rocketed and sometimes it's just a matter or getting into the market so that you can upgrade at a later date. If that means a studio apartment for you, it doesn't have to mean you can't have it all. In this studio condo on a really tight budget, we managed to squeeze in; a bedroom with a queen sized bed, a TV area, a dining area and even an office area! It's all a matter of space planning and keeping things cohesive. This is a rental unit for one lucky person!!

77 Harbour Square # 903-31
77 Harbour Square # 903-13
77 Harbour Square # 903-14
77 Harbour Square # 903-15
77 Harbour Square # 903-16
77 Harbour Square # 903-18
77 Harbour Square # 903-20
77 Harbour Square # 903-30
77 Harbour Square # 903-31
77 Harbour Square # 903-32
77 Harbour Square # 903-33
77 Harbour Square # 903-37
77 Harbour Square # 903-38
77 Harbour Square # 903-39

what do celebrity bathrooms look like?

Celebrity Bathrooms; because even from that which we may not be able to afford, we can get inspiration.


Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi's bathroom There is a porcelain tile that is very similar to this marble that can be used on your floors

Larry David's Pacific Palisades House - Bathroom

One of Larry David's bathrooms Adding beams and a brick wall can happen in any bathroom, no matter the size

sarah richardson farmhouse bathroom

Sarah Richardson's farmhouse bathroom Painting the side of a claw foot tub and adding matching drapes can happen in the smallest of bathrooms


Brook Shield's New York apartment bathroom Adding deep crown mouldings ups the glam of a bathroom

Jerry Seindfeld's guest bathroom

Jerry Seinfeld's guest bathroom The appeal of horizontal panelling is a great trend right now you can try

Wayne Gretzky's bathroom

Wayne Gretzky's master ensuite Adding a chandelier to your bathroom can make you feel like a celebrity too

What ideas would you steal, in an affordable way, from these inspirational bathrooms?

flower power in design

Decorating with flowers isn't about old ladies any more. Check out these fabulous uses of fresh modern flowers in decor. Maybe it will inspire you to do something a little floral the next time you consider a new pillow, backsplash or something else!

flower chairs in dining room
flower chair with yellow dresser
Modern Minimalist White Nursery Wall Murals Ideas Pink Flowers Tree Decor
flower curtain in modern kitchen

dining room wall ideas

In trying to solve a problem with a client of mine, I took to the internet to find some inspirational photos of what to do on a blank wall of her large dining room. Here are some of the photos I found. Do you like any of these ideas for your own dining rooms?

2 -  wainscoting and large print on dining room wall
2 - alcove in dining room
Brick wall and dining room table in small dining room
2 - rustic wood wall in dining room
2 - stone wall in dining room with TV and fireplace
2 - stone wall in dining room
2 - symmetrical art on wall in dining room
2 - vintage mirror on walls in dining room
2 - wall of eclectic art in dining room
2 - wall of wine in dining room
2 - wallpaper on dining room wall
2 - wood wall in dining room

what should I do with my living room?

It occurred to me that I am a kitchen and bathroom junky, always pinning photos to my pinterest pages of these very important rooms in the house. But now I need a new sofa and I'm perplexed! Yes, I have a board on pinterest with living room photos, but none of it is as clear to me as my ideals in a bathroom or kitchen. Oh what to do! In preparation for my own personal living room, I have concluded only one thing - I like a simple slipcovered sofa. So what about the rest? Rustic? Modern? Shabby?... I like so many things it's hard to choose!

Have a look:

271 - white slipcover sofa - gold accents
271-ektorp sofa shabby chic
271 - brown and yellow living room white slipcover sofa
271 - grey slipcovered sofa - modern setting
271 - grey walls white slipcover symmetry in living room
271 - lots of white in this living room
271 - modern and shabby living room
271 - modern and sleek with slipcover sofa
271 - slipcover sofa - sisal rug - turquoise dresser
271 - sofa with dacscund dog - ektorp ikea sofa
271 - white living room
271 - white painted floors white slipcover sofa vintage chair

Hmm... this exercise works! I think I'm a shabby chic rustic girl, with touches of contemporary/modern elements in its simplicity. How's that for words? Now to create!!