where to get your inspiration

Inspiration for our homes can come from many sources. So many of us are all over the Pinterest and Houzz craze, and there are still so many books and magazines around to explore and earmark. But if we stop to explore our own surroundings, that too can be amazing ecouragement, both at home and wherever we go.

It's sometimes nice to stop and really look. What feels good? What doesn't feel good? Looking at your own space in a mirror can help you see it differently. I like to do this to see what needs a lift in my own home.

When you look around, take note of the small things. The texture of your throw blanket; the colour of green of all the plants; the curve of your sofa arm...

Here are some great examples of things to look for and cherish, and perhaps to incorporate for your own homes so that your space feels amazing to you.

what makes a great home office?

Home offices are common these days. Many of us work from home. But even if we don't, we still seem to want a little place to carve out for paying bills or dabbling on the computer. So how do we make it feel welcoming enough that we want to visit this little, or large, spot? Here are a few tips.

1. Be organized. This means something different to each person. Do you need everything out in the open to see what you need to do? Or do you prefer everything behind closed doors, boxes and drawers? It's important to know how you work so that you don't only start off organized, but stay organized.

2. Get a comfortable chair and desk. This is different for each person, so be sure you have what is best for you. Do you need a keyboard tray on your desk? Do you need the best quality chair for your sore back? Do you like the idea of a sit/stand desk? Think about the function first and you will be drawn to this area as it will be comfortable for you.

3. Be sure to make your home office area attractive to you. Do you like bold flowers? Do you like an all white space? Do you like lots of colour? Consider this area as part of the entire home, but with something a little different that makes it feel special.

4. Be sure you have enough space for your personal needs. Some people like to spread out on a wide long desk. Others want just a small laptop area to keep things simple. This will help you stay organized, in your own way. 

And finally - CHOOSE ORGANIZED OVER TIDINESS... Don't just put things in neat piles to look tidy. Organize first, even if it's a tad untidy. You'll be better off for it, trust me.