is beige back?

Grey (gray). No matter how you spell it, grey has been the neutral of choice for over a decade now. Some have always stuck with beige, while others stayed somewhere in the middle with taupe. Yet as a trend, it was hard to get away from grey! But is that changing again? Are we seeing beige as the go-to neutral again? You tell me!

A few images that may make you sway back to beige… or am I not living in your reality yet?

unique window treatments

Anything can be a ‘window treatment’. Blinds, curtains and shutters probably come to mind as the most obvious. But anything you put in front of a window decoratively or for privacy is technically a window treatment. So let’s explore an array of options in these photos and let me know what you think!

maximal minimalism

An oxymoron for sure, but it’s an emerging style in the design world. Both on and off the runway, and into our homes, this style embraces a minimal aesthetic, with maximum impact of all the important things.

Here is the definition: Maximal and minimal elements. ... Zorn's lemma states that every partially ordered set for which every totally ordered subset has an upper bound contains at least one maximal element.

And here are some decorating examples. What do you think of this so called ‘new’ look? Does it make any sense after seeing these images? Yah, I’m not so sure either… but it’s a thing so I embrace it!

black kitchens

A white kitchen is always classic. Navy, dark green, other colours and also different woods and stains are all beautiful if you dare to stray from the classic. But what if you don’t dare to stray but do want something different? Is the black kitchen your thing then? I say yes!! Here are some gorgeous images of how the black kitchen, like the white kitchen, can feel classic and easy to work with too. Too dark for you? Or just right?