wallpaper anyone?

Does wallpaper intimidate you? Perhaps you feel like it’s too much of a commitment; or perhaps worrisome for removal? I say - let those fears go away!! Wallpaper is such a great way to express your personal style, much like a piece of art really. And if you compare it to the price of a new piece of art, I’d say it’s really quite inexpensive. Also good to note, the new wallpapers are nothing like the old ones, making it so easy to remove and repaint or better yet, re-wallpaper when you do tire of it.

I love my tried and true wallpaper supplier on Queen east - Primetime. You can go there in person, or find things online too. But I also just recently was introduced to this amazing new online wallpaper place with stunning wallpapers all the way from Berlin, Germany (where you know quality counts). Check out Wallpaper From the 70s! Easy delivery to Canada.

Below are some of my favourites right now. What do you think? Will you go for some wallpaper the next time you consider something fun for your foyer, bedroom, dining room, bedroom ceiling… ?

the accent wall

The accent wall of a room is often that because of a feature like a fireplace, a brick wall, or even a gallery wall of pictures. But we also talk about the accent wall as the wall where we might just add a bit of colour if the room doesn’t lend itself to all being that colour. Sometimes we choose an accent wall to simply be a different colour, and sometimes it is more of a feature like wallpaper, or wood planks. Or as mentioned, a full wall of pictures or a brick wall. But whatever your take on the accent wall is, it’s a thing! And it’s been popular for a while and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

Check out these examples for inspiration and then go ahead and do your own thing! Maybe choose your favourite colour and go to town on one wall in a room that needs a bit of a lift? It’s an easy way to add a touch of ‘wow’!!

decorating with stripes

If you love stripes in your space then go bold and big with it this year! It doesn't have to be all over everything, but can still be bold because of its colour, size or colour combination. Since this year is all about colour, go for this look in colourful stripes. Have a look at how much of a wow factor this simple design can have.

easy ways with wallpaper

Wallpaper is hot right now and it is not the wallpaper of yesteryear that was so difficult to put up... and then take down! The design world is smarter now and the new wallpapers are so easy, not to mention more eco-friendly too. If you have thought about wallpaper but don't know where to start, here are a few ideas that should help. Start small - choose one wall in your bedroom or dining room for a hit of pizzazz and colour. It's not committing to too much and is an easy way to experiment.

Wallpaper the powder room - if you are lucky enough to have a powder room, this could be your little jewel box. Make your guests (and yourself) feel awesome every time you enter. Go all out and have fun - it's not like you spend so much time in here that you'll tire of it.

Do a ceiling - why not? This is a great 'fifth' wall that might like a little attention.

Do wallpaper panels - this requires a bit of carpentry for the finishing mouldings, but it is less of a commitment than all over wallpaper, yet still gives the vibe of it throughout the space.

And as a last resort, if you just don't want to put it on the walls but love a specific print, frame it like artwork - super easy and quite inexpensive compared to original artwork!

Here is an easy way to look through some papers to see if there is something out there for you. I like the option of choosing the primary colour of choice and then seeing what is available. Prime Walls Have fun dreaming!