before and after - a tiny bathroom update

From black and white…. to black and white.

a semi-detached home in Leslieville gets transformed

Over the years I worked with a family in their sweet little semi in the Leslieville area of Toronto. When they first bought their home it had handyman fixes that needed updating badly.

It was not long before the kitchen was overhauled, and then the bathroom and bedrooms, and eventually even the basement, claiming much needed space for their growing family. I have thoroughly enjoyed giving them advice along the way for every stage of their lives.

Have a look at these befores and afters for a fun trip through the history of this home that they are now bidding adieu to for something just a tad larger. Check out a few more afters at the bottom as well. And FYI - yes, these photos were staged so there is a lack of their unique personal touches.



who doesn't love a great before and after story?

Everyone seems to love seeing before and after stories in interior design. And my clients are no exception to making things great, some with more help from me than others. But they are all always involved throughout the process and this updated home was no exception. With just a handful of onsite visits, some emails and phone calls (and a few years in the making), this older home turned practical and pretty for this growing family.  Have a look at all these before and after photos to see the changes that were made. 

You might notice the interim photo of the kitchen (third row down). This kitchen was first renovated about ten years ago, and the most recent photos are an update of that ten year old kitchen.

the power of clean

With any design or decorating of a space, it's nothing if not clean and tidy. You can have the prettiest new space designed and set up, but if it gets cluttered, messy and dirty, it loses its lustre and you can lose the original vision that once made you so happy. 

I know it's hard to always stay on top of things, but I'm an advocate for sharing what wealth you may have. And what a way to benefit everyone by hiring someone to be sure your house stays clean and tidy. That's where a trustworthy, reliable cleaning person can completely change your life (and possibly their's too). I'm certainly not suggesting everyone can afford to have their houses cleaned every week, or even every month, but if you can once in a while, it can make your life so much easier. 

Here's a new service to check out if you need some extra help around the house. A young entrepreneur with all the right credentials locked and loaded, she can help you find the right help for your space. Let her know I sent you and she will be sure to only send her very best crew!

Here are some before and after shots of spaces that are simply cleaned and tidied! How refreshing are these?