is beige back?

Grey (gray). No matter how you spell it, grey has been the neutral of choice for over a decade now. Some have always stuck with beige, while others stayed somewhere in the middle with taupe. Yet as a trend, it was hard to get away from grey! But is that changing again? Are we seeing beige as the go-to neutral again? You tell me!

A few images that may make you sway back to beige… or am I not living in your reality yet?

window backsplash

Being lucky enough to already have a window as a backsplash is great, but you can also add one if you love this look (city guidelines permitting). I really like the way it adds drama at night with the darkness or twinkling city lights outside. And you can't argue the appeal of natural light it offers during the day. Would you do this?

bright modern kitchen with window backsplash - 5374269589_634eec4e1c_n
white on white kitchen - windows as backsplash - high-rise - e037fd9fb087
open to outdoors - white kitchen - Scavolini Kitchen
industrial white kitchen - large windows - 287104544964561106_8Xi4wmzS_c