who doesn't love a great before and after story?

Everyone seems to love seeing before and after stories in interior design. And my clients are no exception to making things great, some with more help from me than others. But they are all always involved throughout the process and this updated home was no exception. With just a handful of onsite visits, some emails and phone calls (and a few years in the making), this older home turned practical and pretty for this growing family.  Have a look at all these before and after photos to see the changes that were made. 

You might notice the interim photo of the kitchen (third row down). This kitchen was first renovated about ten years ago, and the most recent photos are an update of that ten year old kitchen.

kitchens with double islands

If you are one of the lucky ones to have a large enough space for double islands, why not consider it! I am currently working with someone that has this opportunity, and we are finding the layout we have settled on will work amazingly for their family. 

Typically I concentrate on small space challenges, but there are actually large space challenges to consider as well. In a large kitchen you want to be sure the work triangle still works with not too many steps, and that the island, or islands, are utilised wisely for flow of traffic and the cooks.

Here are some great examples of how a double island works for larger space kitchens. Check out how they are carefully planned for various prep zones and flow.