the black and white kitchen - will it always be a classic?

The white kitchen is a classic, right? I mean, it changes with the years from raised panel, to flat panel, from shiny, to matte... And it can be gorgeous to your eye... or down right ugly! Now let's add some black. Does it make you think of 80s style with the melamine flat panel doors? Perhaps. Or perhaps it says fun with unique cement tiles and shiny cabinets. Whatever your idea of what a black and white kitchen is, I dare you to say there isn't one that, perhaps, makes you smile and say 'stunning'!

Try these on for size and let me know what you think of the black and white kitchen... is it a classic?

the look of your range hood

There are SO many options for range hoods / exhaust fans for your kitchen it's often hard to choose. There are options from fully exposed to perfectly concealed, and all the way to being totally outrageous and creative! What is your favourite look amongst the options in all these photos?

kitchens with double islands

If you are one of the lucky ones to have a large enough space for double islands, why not consider it! I am currently working with someone that has this opportunity, and we are finding the layout we have settled on will work amazingly for their family. 

Typically I concentrate on small space challenges, but there are actually large space challenges to consider as well. In a large kitchen you want to be sure the work triangle still works with not too many steps, and that the island, or islands, are utilised wisely for flow of traffic and the cooks.

Here are some great examples of how a double island works for larger space kitchens. Check out how they are carefully planned for various prep zones and flow.