2019 trends - IMO

Trends are, well, just that. Trends. They come and go. So why do we follow them and why do we always seem to want to know what they are? I think it’s because we still always strive to feel current in this ever changing world of ours. That said, when we like a trend we seem to embrace it. But when we don’t, we just slam it as a ‘trend’ that will just go away anyway.

And so here you have it; my personal ideas for the 2019 trends in decor. There are some that we’ve been seeing in the past year, some that we might see in the coming year, and some that we may wish would just go away. What is your opinion on these trends?

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make your decor dreams happen in 2013

If you're looking for an easy new year's resolution, why not consider one of your decorating dreams. It doesn't have to be expensive or difficult, but if you want it to happen you do need to make a conscious decision that it will. Here are some really easy ideas for you to consider:

  • -Paint your kitchen chairs in your favourite colour
awesome chandelier in bedroom
  • -Change out your bedroom light fixture to something you've always dreamed of
  • -Change the kitchen faucet for an easy kitchen facelift
living rooms - black leather chesterfield sofa venetian floor mirror pink leather pouf wood coffee table black red lime green silk pillows  black
  • -Buy a new set of trendy throw pillows Whatever you do, just be sure you do something that is totally you!