Easter pastels...

Easter reminds me of soft spring pastel colours and since they are a hot trend and lend themselves to a fresh spring look, let's explore some great colours for your decor updates. 

Here are a few really great colours you might want to try out on a bedroom wall, in a bathroom or even on an old chair or table:
AF-605 - Slip
2005-70 - Wispy Pink
2052-70 - Ice Blue
2139-60 - Green Tint
2034-50 - Acadia Green
CC-216 - Butter Milk
*All Benjamin Moore - Go here to see what the colour looks like.

And I encourage you to flip through these amazing examples of how pastels can look pretty amazing in all styles of decor!! There is sure to be some great encouragement for this fresh trend. What is your favourite pastel?

Happy Easter!!

choosing the perfect patio set

Like many interior design decisions, the process can be just as daunting when choosing patio furniture... there is so much out there! I am facing this current dilemma as my current patio set is not looking its best any more. But what do I want? Wood?... that requires upkeep and bringing it in for the winter. Glass and metal?... easy care but not that warm feeling. Wrought iron?... gorgeous, but very pricey and not that comfortable. Wicker?... cosy, but it's not great if left out in the rain, which I admittedly would tend to do. Plastic?... discolours too easily and is hard to clean. Wicker resin?... hmm.. maybe this is the choice for me! But they are best with cushions and those cushions also need to come in during the rain. Oh dear, I will have to weigh out all my options. Here are some options I think are gorgeous. Not necessarily all for me based on my answers above, but I'm only starting to look so they're all in my dreams... especially the ones where the setting is what I really want! French courtyard for me please!

804 - French-Patio-Ideas
804 - garden-furniture-french-house
804 - Outdoor-Wicker.Resin-Furniture
804 - Resin-Wicker-Patio-Furniture
804 - retro looking metal and glass patio furniture
804 - Teak-Patio-Furniture
804 - contemporary-bench-and-table-set-indoor-outdoor-reclaim-teak

butter dishes for your kitchen counter

I have a simple and practical glass butter dish with the perfect cover. It holds just the right amount of butter before it has to be replenished from the hard fridge butter. But now I want to change it. Why? Because my friend got such an adorable one in a beautiful green with a delightful surprise of purple inside. So I'm jealous. I know I won't find one as perfect, but I also know it is perfect for her cottage and that mine will have to be just a little different for my needs. This is the butter dish my friend scored for just $15. Isn't it sweet?

This is what I have - boring but oh so practical.

And here are a few I think would look pretty awesome on my counter. My favourite is the turquoise depression glass one.

It's important to have only those things on your counter that you love, or need on a daily basis, otherwise your counters just get too cluttered, and that's not a good thing. How will a sweet little butter dish stand out if there are too many things around it?

turquoise in decor - so fresh

Adding turquoise to my space this season seems like the right thing to do. It is so fresh and I have always loved this colour. I am considering painting my wooden kitchen chairs in this brilliant colour (see the last photo which is my inspiration) and then I'll add new tea towels and a pillow on my sofa to complete the look. I hope you get inspired by a fresh colour this season too! Anything clear and crisp is hot this year, so add some trendiness to your living room or bedroom or kitchen... I guarantee you'll go home and smile every time you see your favourite colour staring back at you.