paint by number art in decor

Vintage, and even new, paint by numbers can be a great way to add art to your space. Really! It's an inexpensive way to spruce up your walls in a kitschy retro way. I even like the fact that you get to create something yourself... with a little help from the numbers. ;) Here are a few great ways to showcase them in numbers! It's just fun stuff, don't you think?!

paint by numbers collection
paint by number wall art
vintage paint by number - retro decor

vintage drinking glasses

I was just given beautiful vintage drinking glasses from my sister. She found them in a give-away pile at her work and she grabbed them, knowing they had 'my name' written all over them. She was right, I love them! I even like the vintage etched bottoms, really marking them as the real thing. Today there are so many new glasses that look vintage and they can be a lot of fun too. Of course real vintage is still around everywhere. Here are some really fun ones, along with a place setting showing just how pretty mixing all kinds of vintage really can be.

vintage glasses
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daisy drinking glasses - il_fullxfull.169327669
vintage drinking glasses - il_fullxfull.211907835
table setting with vintage finds - rabinovitch_rabinovitch_brooke_photography__design_10thanniversary0006_low