finding interesting accessories for your home

Accessories - these are the things that define your space by giving it your personal character and allowing you to really display the things you love. For some minimalists, it may consist of one treasured or sentimental piece. For others, it's finding the best way to display many of their favourite things. Whatever your style is, accessories can make or break a whole room.

Here are some really lovely examples of how others have put their personal touch to their spaces with accessories.

breaking the rules with colour

With colour on a major comeback in the interior design world, why not embrace it with something a little unique this time! Check out these spaces that add depth and interest, all with just a little bit of paint.

the black and white kitchen - will it always be a classic?

The white kitchen is a classic, right? I mean, it changes with the years from raised panel, to flat panel, from shiny, to matte... And it can be gorgeous to your eye... or down right ugly! Now let's add some black. Does it make you think of 80s style with the melamine flat panel doors? Perhaps. Or perhaps it says fun with unique cement tiles and shiny cabinets. Whatever your idea of what a black and white kitchen is, I dare you to say there isn't one that, perhaps, makes you smile and say 'stunning'!

Try these on for size and let me know what you think of the black and white kitchen... is it a classic?

decorating for your pets

For most people that have dogs, cats and  birds, their pets are their family, so why not make them as comfortable, and stylish, as the rest of us in our homes! Here are some great ideas for you to steal for your own little furry or feathered friends.