the green kitchen

Is the green kitchen a thing? Green, as in the colour green. I mean I’ve talked about the white kitchen, the black kitchen, the colourful kitchen… (feel free to check them all out with these key words in the search button here on the right). Green is the one colour that is not black or white or shades of these ‘non-colours’ that our eyes read as neutral. Probably because green is nature. But do all greens read this way? With so many shades of this ever popular colour, likely there are some you will love and some you will hate.

Check out these green coloured kitchens and tell me, does it feel kind of neutral to you? And if not on your kitchen cabinets or walls, wouldn’t green vegetation outside your window be pretty amazing as an option too?

need a new toss cushion or two?

The simplest, and perhaps the least expensive, way to update your living room is to add a couple of fresh new toss cushions! It’s such a fun way to elevate the look of any sofa, and to add the current trends that make a space feel fresh again. Here are some of my favourites and how they work in different spaces.

best of blogs from around the world

Sometimes you just catch a break because the right person finds you and decides to make a big deal about it. That was me this past month with this lovely inclusion on best blogs from around the world! Wow Cushions seems to have taken their time to really find so many amazing blogs on design, decorating and the like to include for everyone’s reading, and I was chosen as one of them! You do have to scroll a bit to get down to my inclusion, but I’m there! Sweet!

Check it out in the link as there are really so many that you too may want to start following. We all have so much to learn from each other!

a penthouse suite - before and after

I have another before and after story for you to explore. They’re always fun, aren’t they? This condo is owned by a retired couple and they love to cook! They don’t, however, love to have anyone watch them cook, so the kitchen stayed a closed concept style and we simply updated everything to make it all feel fresh and classic. They still have to bring a few of their personal items into the space, but all in good time.

Click on the image to enlarge and see the full photo.

OMG Brilliant!

I have a board on my Pinterest that is titled OMG Brilliant. You can check it out by linking to it if you like, but I have also rounded up a few of my favourites here to share with you because I am forever impressed with the creativity of others. Take a close look at each of these photos to see how clever these ideas really are…. and perhaps take note of the last one too for a better 2019!