OMG Brilliant!

I have a board on my Pinterest that is titled OMG Brilliant. You can check it out by linking to it if you like, but I have also rounded up a few of my favourites here to share with you because I am forever impressed with the creativity of others. Take a close look at each of these photos to see how clever these ideas really are…. and perhaps take note of the last one too for a better 2019!


2019 trends - IMO

Trends are, well, just that. Trends. They come and go. So why do we follow them and why do we always seem to want to know what they are? I think it’s because we still always strive to feel current in this ever changing world of ours. That said, when we like a trend we seem to embrace it. But when we don’t, we just slam it as a ‘trend’ that will just go away anyway.

And so here you have it; my personal ideas for the 2019 trends in decor. There are some that we’ve been seeing in the past year, some that we might see in the coming year, and some that we may wish would just go away. What is your opinion on these trends?

**turn your mobile device sideways to read the captions if you are not looking at this on your computer

four poster beds

What do you think of the four poster bed? Does it feel claustrophobic, or regal and grand to you? Some may argue that it can make a space feel smaller, but then others might think otherwise.

Here are 42 great examples of amazing four poster beds that may just have you rethinking this classic design for your own bedroom.

the 'for now' perfect kitchen

What is a ‘for now’ perfect kitchen? Well, that is completely different to every person. And perfect doesn’t really have to be your ultimate perfect. That’s where the ‘for now’ perfect comes into play. In other words, it’s as perfect as it’s going to get until you have the funds to make it your ultimate perfect.

These below photos show some great ideas on how to make your kitchen perfect ‘for now’. And if your kitchen is already pretty perfect, these photos might give you some extra inspiration for perhaps a small change, just so things stay fresh and fun.

the wall street journal

I have a cousin in New Jersey who is quite extraordinary… he saves up the Design & Decorating section of The Wall Street Journal every week, and then sends them all to me in bunches at a time. The last snail mail of these newspaper clippings came with pages from over six months worth of inspiration! I can’t say that I will read every last one of them, but I do know I will go through them all at some point. So I thought I would share.

Here are some of my favourites, in no particular order, that I learned about from this iconic newspaper. And yes, hard copy newspaper clippings, and snail mail are still things I am learning from. Go figure!