OMG Brilliant!

I have a board on my Pinterest that is titled OMG Brilliant. You can check it out by linking to it if you like, but I have also rounded up a few of my favourites here to share with you because I am forever impressed with the creativity of others. Take a close look at each of these photos to see how clever these ideas really are…. and perhaps take note of the last one too for a better 2019!


real life decorating

A little less than a year ago I changed the look of Toronto Designers. I got a new logo, and a new tag line. My new tag line - Real Life Decorating - came to me out of the blue and it just felt right. I wondered why I hadn't thought of it before! While I love the perfect looking room and prefer to have photos of spaces that are magazine ready, I do know toys, papers and too many hats and mitts are reality and part of every day life. So visiting the following sites brings me back to what my tag line says about me and how I approach decorating. I hope you get inspiration from them too.


Covet Garden- I love this site because the people are real and they make the best of what they have. I love that we get a glimpse into their lives a little more than most magazines. And it's free because it's online! Sign up and they will email you every new issue when it comes out.

apartment therapy

Apartment Therapy - This site has been a favourite of mine for a long time. There is everything from small spaces to very grand ones, but all with a certain charm that says something about the people living in those spaces. New house tours are constantly being added.

white and gray

The Inspired Room - Great photos and easy decorating ideas.